Diving in? do IT! do IT! do IT!

This week’s menu:

Monday: Leftover General Tsao’s Chicken and Rice that I made on Sunday
Tuesday: Sloppy Joes
Friday: Pizza
Saturday: Spicy Chicken Soup with Homemade Rolls and Chocolate Cake in honor of Munchkin’s second birthday!
Sunday: Tuna Fish Hot Dish, or leftovers if we have a lot left
Well, it looks like Husband is the first one in tears over this whole homebuying thing. I didn’t see that coming. 
Lemme back up. It’s been awhile. Pull up a chair.
We are pre-approved for a home loan through the UDSA program for an insane amount. Check. We found a real estate (buyer’s) agent that we like. Check. She showed us a bunch of houses. Check. We picked one and made an offer (for well below our “approved” amount). Check. Our offer was accepted. Check. The next step is home inspections, which are on Thursday.
Except that NOW Husband finally went through the taxes and budget and decided, basically and condensed, that if we were to buy this house we would basically be living close to paycheck-to-paycheck for the first six months. And there were tears of sorrow. (Not mine.) *Sigh* This poor man (pardon the pun) has never really endured economic hardship, but to suggest that we might need to spend more consciously for half a year makes him scared out of his noggin. And it won’t even be as bad as I just made it sound. This will be a temporary situation, and no, I’m not basing that on anticipated raises or bonuses for Husband. It’s a tax thing, and will resolve itself in 2010. Moderate household emergencies are already prepared for, and for major ones, we could still get by unscathed. We just won’t be pumping juice into savings for half a year.
The truth is, it all boils down to the inspection and appraisal, and how much the sellers are willing to negotiate. Seeing as how the house has been on the market for eight months (!!!), I think we have some leverage.
I’m done talking about the house for awhile, mmmkay?
Munchkin has been super cute lately. This is what went down in the van yesterday:
Scene: Pulled into our parking spot after going grocery shopping. Turned off the van and was listening to a story on NPR for about thirty seconds.
Munchkin: Mommy?
Me: Yes?
Munchkin: WE’RE HOME!
Haha. She is saying just about any word you tell her to say, and she’s starting to use commonly-used phrases in the correct context on her own. She can also put several words together to relay a thought, although it’s still missing adjectives, pronouns, etc. For example, every day this happens:
Munchkin: Watch…Nemo?
Me: No.
Munchkin: Watch…Elmo?
Me: No. 
Munchkin: Watch…Meggenl? (which vaguely translates to VeggieTales)
Me: No. 
Munchkin: Piece of cheese?
Me: Argh, alright. Here’s a piece of cheese.

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