A Walk to Remember

Today was brilliantly sunny, so Munchkin and I took a walk. Rather unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera. Bummer. She was so engrossed in her environment that it would have made some beautiful pictures. She was digging in the dirt with sticks and exploring all the micro-ecosystems on her level. She could have stayed out there all day long if I let her. She’s just like me: when Husband and I go for hikes, he wants to just get to the destination, but I want to stop and smell the flowers and look at all the cool things that grow in the woods. Sometimes he gets a bit irked that I’m taking so long, because he just wants to GO! Munchkin and I have the same relationship, except that I am Husband and she is me. “Come on, Munchkin, we have to keep walking! Munchkin! Let’s go! I’m leaving now! Byebye!…Seriously, come on!”

Another thing that just makes me swoon is that she points out everything she knows the name of, which I recognize is something that all toddlers do, but it’s cute. “Baby plants! Baby rocks! Airplane! Bird! Stick! Leaf! Duck? Where’d duck go? Where are you, duck? Bug! BUZZZZZZ!”

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