Weekend Mash-up

This week’s menu:

Monday: Tuna Fish Hot Dish (since we didn’t have it last week)
Tuesday: Roast Chicken and Vegetables (we didn’t get to it last week either)
Wednesday: Chicken Soup (broth is from last night’s chicken carcass)
Thursday: Tortellini and Marinara Sauce with Broccoli and Garlic Bread
Friday: Taco Pizza
Saturday: Firecracker Salmon with Brown Rice and a vegetable
Sunday: Leftovers or canned soup and grilled cheese sandwiches
We had a great weekend here. We had decided to wait until the weekend to fully celebrate Munchkin’s second birthday, so on Saturday we went to the Oregon Zoo and froze our butts off. Nah, it wasn’t that bad. We brought Husband’s golfing umbrella and I packed extra jackets and a blanket for Munchkin, so we were all set. While many of the animals were just as unimpressed with the weather as we were, there were a few that were great to see, like the zebras and the giraffe (which was, admittedly, inside, but he or she was looking out his or her observation window at all of the people on the deck outside. Lemme tell you whut, giraffes have HUGE heads!) and the fish, which are always a hit with Munchkin. Also, we jumped into the penguin exhibit just when they were starting the keeper’s talk. I thought the keeper dude seemed familiar, and it turns out that he (and the penguins, of course) was featured on Animal Planet’s “Growing Up…” series, which I watched ceremoniously when we had just moved to Oregon and I was pregnant with Munchkin. Yay! I met a pseudo-celebrity! 
Later that evening, Husband’s sister and her boyfriend came over for dinner. She brought Munchkin a fairy costume and some books. Munchkin was impressed. We had yummy soup and chocolate cake, and talked about armageddon and government take-overs and gardening and religion. By the time I went to bed at 1:20 a.m., my head hurt from all the talking! I lurve TL and it was great to see her and Randy.
On the home front (har har), we had a heater dude come out to look at the furnace on Saturday, and he said that it needed repair but still was functional. Bummer, because I wanted him to say that it was an explosion hazard and it needed to be removed immediately. Oh well, I guess we’re stuck with it for now. He was nice and didn’t charge us, though. How awesome is that? 
We have the sewer line inspection and the appraisal tomorrow. These should be the last things we need to do before final negotiations and then the underwriting, which sounds like it’ll be three or four weeks of hellish nothing. Just waiting and stewing in our excitement and anxiety. Ugh. 

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