Spring Cleaning

This week’s menu:
Monday: California Rolls and Spicy Orange Shrimp (from PioneerWoman.com, but her site is down right now so I can’t Linky)
Tuesday: Chicken Salad Sandwiches (using leftovers from last week’s roast chicken) and Sweet Potato Fries
Wednesday: Roast Beef with Vegetables
Thursday: Beef Curry with Vegetables and Rice
Friday: Linguine with Chicken Thighs and garlic bread (also from PW)
Saturday: Fried Rice
Baking: Banana Bread and possibly Apple Crisp

I am so ready for spring to be here! The daffodils and cherry blossoms have been around for a while, but it is still chilly and rainy. That makes me seem like a serial complainer, because hey, it’s OREGON. Chilly and Rainy from October to April! But I grow weary.

The home sale is going better than I expected. Certainly better than buying a used car, no joke! Maybe I should hire an agent the next time I need to buy a vehicle. But I digress…

Right now we have finished every inspection, appraisal, negotiation, and addendum that needs to be done, and we are just waiting three to four weeks for manual underwriting. We locked in our interest rate during the record lows earlier this week, and I feel like we’ve made off like bandits on that one. Hurray! Now I’m focused on getting the apartment ready for insta-packing. I’m not actually packing anything up right now–I feel that would be bad ju-ju. I don’t want to have half of our stuff packed up and sitting around in boxes when I get the word that the loan fell through. How miserable it would be to unpack it all! Talk about adding insult to injury! So instead right now I am deep cleaning and organizing every nook and cranny. Or at least I aspire to. 😉 That way we can just box it all up as-is and not have to worry about sorting through it all. I think that was the worst part when we moved in 2006.

*FLASHBACK!* Doodle-oo-do! Doodle-oo-do! *wiggles fingers up and down like wavy lines* (What show was that from? Anyone remember?)

After Husband graduated from college in 2006, I informed him that I’d like to live in Oregon. So he started to apply to engineering jobs here. Since he was late getting into the game (most of his other friends already had jobs lined up) and I heard that the job market out here wasn’t as plentiful, I was fully expecting waiting six months before he found paydirt. Imagine my surprise when he called be after his first job interview in Newberg and told me to put in my two-week notice! At first I was overjoyed, because I didn’t think it would actually happen (notice a pattern?) but then I realized we had three weeks to pack everything we owned and truck it across half the country and into an apartment to live here in a state I’d never been to. Panic! I went through EVERYTHING we had acquired since starting college and before. If I remember correctly, we gave away over ten good-sized boxes of usable but unwanted stuff to Goodwill. I don’t want to have to worry about that during a move again!

*Returning to present!*

So anyway, that’s the current project. If that wasn’t enough, I’ve been reading the book Solviva by Anna Edey this week and I just want to start planting things! I want to design a garden! I WANT TO BUILD A GREENHOUSE! And also, I’ve just got a whole pile of clothes that I’ve been putting off mending, including a rain jacket for Munchkin that she’s probably outgrown and has never even worn. *snort* What a procrastinator I am! But I will be too busy moving in and doing home improvement projects when we actually move to get to it, so I need to do all my mending now. I hope that I have enough motivation for it all!


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