Terrible Twos

This week’s menu:
Monday: BBQ Chicken, mashed potatoes, corn
Tuesday: Baked Salmon, brown rice, steamed asparagus
Wednesday: Japanese Chicken Wings, Baked Potato Skins
Thursday: King Ranch Chicken Casserole
Friday: Italian Sausage Soup with Tortellini
Saturday: (leftover day)
Easter Sunday: Ham (that Husband got at Christmas from his work), Twice-Baked Potatoes, Corn, homemade rolls

Things have been going well in our Haushalt. Husband has been working more this week, going in at six every morning. Which mean he’s more grumpy, yes, but also that he has work to do, an important distinction in this economy. He’s mostly working on quotes, but some of those quotes are bound to turn into actual jobs, right? Let’s hope so.

Munchkin has been doing that toddler thing where her legs stop working if I try to get her to follow me when we’re out in public. You know, when you try to reason, beg, threaten, bribe and beg some more for your kid to do something, and they’re JUST NOT DOING IT, so you do the only thing left, and put all of whatever you are carrying (jackets, bags, books, etc.) into one arm and use the other to try to corral them toward your desired exit point, except they don’t budge, so you grab their hand and try to pull them and they practically fall over, so you LIFT them with your one hand, trying not to drop everything else, and their legs give out and you’re kinda sorta dragging them, and then you think, “THIS IS INSANE!” so you lower your hands and let go and they flop on the floor and proceed to throw a tantrum. And this is where I am so very grateful that my daughter is under 25 pounds (easy). I just use one arm to kind just pick her up, football style, and rush to the exit. And hope that nobody saw that.

We were at the library today, and there was a baby there, maybe eight months old, who was a scooter. She could scoot everywhere really quickly, all on her butt. It was so funny. Munchkin loved her. “BABY! BABY! HI BABY!” *waves* “HI BABY! HUG!” *hugs baby, while I stand beside her, hoping she doesn’t crush the baby* “KISS BABY!” And then I step in, saying something to the effect that we don’t want to give baby our germs. I kinda felt bad saying “no” to her about showing affection to someone, but I also would feel weirded out of some strange toddler started planting kisses all over my baby.

She’s also been doing this verrrrry interesting thing lately of requesting (demanding, really) dresses every morning when I’m putting clothes on her. Luckily, we have a fair amount of dresses for her to wear (I love dresses!). But I wonder where this is coming from. Is it some practicality thing, where she likes the freedom of movement in dresses? Does she like being girly? Or is she just exercising her newfound decision-making skills? Who knows.


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