The Ambivalent Nature of Springtime in Oregon

Someone please inform the weatherman that it is now spring in Oregon and all the clouds and rain should go away now. We had such a beautiful weekend last week, and now this cloudy, mopey mess is just driving me crazy and giving me spring fever. I’m tired of wearing sweaters and putting on jackets, tired of constantly monitoring the in-wall space heaters for blankets or bookbags or Munchkins in the way, tired of being closed up in my stagnant, dark, damp cave.

Cherry (?) Blossoms

It’s a tease, really. Dangling something just out of reach. Something we want so badly.

Cherry (?) Blossoms

But, maybe…maybe…maybe we can just close our eyes and pretend it’s sunny. Think of things that make us happy.

After my post yesterday extolling the virtues of frugality, I went crazy in the fabric store for the sole purpose of finding fabrics that I *might* make into clothes for Munchkin, should I find the time. I actually put quite a bit back on the shelves before leaving, which is good because I felt a little dizzy after I was told the total at the check-out. Ah, we all have our vices, I suppose.

Fabric Stash

Here is a set of earth tones. I love it, but I hope it’s not too dark and heavy for summertime clothes.

Fabric Stash

Here’s the girly set. You can’t really go wrong with pink (at least I hope!).

Of course, drowning our sorrows in the fabric store doesn’t erase life’s difficulties. Husband had a demoralizing day at work today. One of his fellow engineers has been let go, five days before his wife is due to have their first child. (Actually, the only other office person to be let go in the last few years was also let go right around the birth of his child. How lame.) This particular person hasn’t had the easiest time, it seems, adjusting to his line of work. I don’t know if it’s because he wasn’t cut out for it, or if it was because he just didn’t care to put the effort in. At any rate, he did a poor job and was let go. Husband is simultaneously relieved for his job and broken-hearted for his family. Unless he can get a job soon, his recently-purchased house may go into foreclosure. What an awful situation!

I don’t want to end with such a dreadful tone, so here’s a gratuitous picture of Munchkin. Sorry about the poor lighting (and subsequent blurriness). I live in a cave, remember?



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