What’s old is new again

I’d like to share the toys that Munchkin loves to love, because I enjoy seeing the toys behind the kids. Here’s an installment of playthings from my own childhood that are now part of hers.


I’m not sure what these are called. I remember that my grandparents had them at their house. They were fun to make different play-things with. They can really be anything that’s rope-shaped, like snakes or, well, ropes. (Although, I wouldn’t actually use it as a rope because I would be sorely disappointed.)


Who can forget the ubiquitous Tupperware Shape-O toy? Everyone I knew had one of these. Munchkin is too young to figure out how the get the shapes in, but she’ll get there. I remember being frustrated with it when I was little, but now I can do it! Aren’t you proud?


These don’t need any caption. If you’ve never seen one of these, you must have grown up on another planet.


This book is very special to me. My Grandmother used to read us this book when we spent the night at her house, and through her Japanese accent should would give each character it’s own voice. I saw this at Powell’s Books in downtown Portland, and snatched it up like a hawk. Munchkin seems to like it as much as we did.


My good friend Becky bought this for Munchkin’s first birthday. This is the modern-day Glo-worm, evolved from the long, lumpy original. This one plays lullabies, too.


When I saw this particular one at Target, I gasped in shock. My grandparents also had one of these for us grandkids, and originally it was my mom’s and aunts’ and uncle’s. Though, this is a cheap, plastic, China-made version of the one we grew up with. But it’s a small compromise.

Although I didn’t photograph them, we also have LEGO toys and Play-Doh. But who doesn’t?


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