She grows a little more every day

Wouldn’t you know it, only a few days after I wrote about how Munchkin doesn’t seem to understand how to work the Tupperware Shape-O toy, she figured it out! She brought it to me while I was busy, so I just dumped out all the shapes and left her alone. She brought it back later with all but two pieces inside, and proceeded to demonstrate how she did it with the remaining pieces. My eyes threatened to pop right out of my head. I thought it would be another six months before she started figuring that out.

While we were at the library yesterday I decided to treat us to donut holes at the attached donut shop. I purchased a dozen and a half-pint of milk, and I got us settled to have our snack at a table in the corner, with napkins as “plates”. “Mommy, napkin yap! Napkin yap!” she kept repeating over and over while pointing to her crotch. I couldn’t figure out what she meant at first, then I realized that she wanted a napkin to put in her lap. (Duh. Sometimes I’m a little slow on the uptake.) If I remember correctly, the last time we ate out at a fancy enough restaurant to teach her this was back in January on our cruise. What a memory (and knack for proper etiquette)!

After the library we headed to the post office to pick up a package, which turned out to be for her. It was a cute little hand-knit scarf from her auntie TL. She thought it was pretty neat, although I’m not sure she knew what it was, exactly. But what do I know; if she remembers something from January, maybe she remembers our sub-zero trip to North Dakota last December. At any rate, it is pink and soft, a killer combo for a two-year-old girl.



2 thoughts on “She grows a little more every day

  1. Hi… Thanks! We are in a first ring suburb in the Twin Cities, so our chickens are borderline urban 🙂 We do have a double lot, which makes it easier, but a friend has three in a smaller urban lot. They are wonderful… as pets… for the eggs… for the kiddos to watch and learn from. I highly recommend it (but it will be easier if your hubby buys into it).

    Also, really love the weekly menus… I always intend to do that, but never get to it. Now I can steal some ideas!


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