Action-Packed Friday!

Munchkin and I had an action-packed day. I haven’t had a day so busy in…*checking my calendar*…well, I can’t even think of a day that’s been so busy with just the two of us. I’m so tired I could fall asleep right now, and it’s only 9:35.

This morning we headed off to Newberg for a playdate with Nicole and her kids, Ciara and Oliver (who is Munchkin’s age) at the playground. It was nice and empty, so no kids trampling over the little ones. Here’s a few pics of the excitement:

Park Playdate

It had been raining, so the slides were all WATER slides. Luckily Nicole brought some towels. (And yes, I was having fun with the “Saturation” levels on iPhoto.)

Park Playdate

What a happy kid!

Park Playdate

Munchkin looking at Nicole’s sweet-ass camera. She snapped a crap-ton of pictures of Munchkin because she seemed to like the shutter noise (Munchkin, that is, not Nicole) and when she stopped, Munchkin deadpanned, “Cheese.”

Ciara and Oliver sure were being cutie-pies, but Munchkin had this look on her face all day:

Park Playdate

“Stop looking at me.”

After we came home and ate lunch, my friend Erin called to chat. I LOVE talking to Erin. We always talk about the weirdest things.

After THAT, I found out that OH NO, the Pass-It-On Sale is going on THIS WEEKEND! (I thought it was next weekend!) The first day was already half over! In a frantic dash I threw gently placed Munchkin in the van and we drove clear across town in rush-hour traffic so I could procure some summer clothes for her. I must have got at least ten outfits (mostly dresses), three pairs of shoes, three books and a jacket for under sixty dollars. Score!

Tomorrow’s outlook is so blah: I’ve got loads of cleaning to do (I’ve been neglectful) and Husband’s going golfing, then going in to work. But it’s going to be nice out, so hopefully I will get us out of the house and into the bright sunshine. Hurray, spring!


5 thoughts on “Action-Packed Friday!

  1. You were busy! I skipped PIO this season, because I have so much from swaps already.

    I’ve got lots of cleaning, too.

    Yay, us!

    Thanks for coming today! I love meeting up with you guys.


  2. Good find on the search for summer clothes! We’re in the same boat there… I just “won” a pile of toddler clothes on e-bay…. they’re so tricky, making you feel like a winner because you wrestled something away from someone else at the world’s most competitive rummage sale.


  3. @ Sarah: Yeah, I’ve always had a weird feeling about ebay. The few times I’ve bid on something and won, I feel bad for all the other bidders! I like how you described it as “the world’s most competitive rummage sale”, lol.


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