Weekly Menu and a Panic Attack

This Week’s Menu:
Monday: Scallops Mascarpone
Tuesday: Southwest Chicken and Mexican Rice (since we didn’t get to it last week)
Wednesday: Roast Chicken with mashed potatoes, canned corn, and (commercially-prepared, prepackaged but oh-so-yummy) stuffing
Thursday: Meatball Sandwiches, plus Chicken Stock from yesterday’s chicken carcass
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: One of these days we’ll have Spicy Chicken Soup (made with the fresh stock) with homemade bread (perhaps a 6 Braid Challah Loaf? CAN I GET A (C)HOLLA?) and we’ll more than likely eat out on the other two days.

Why would we eat out TWO DAYS in a row? Well, I’ll have you know that my Mother-in-Law is coming to town on Friday. I love her, I really do, but I can’t keep my wits about myself around her. If I try to accomplish too much in the kitchen, I just may very well burn the whole building down. To further complicate matters, it is MY task to pick her up from the airport, and drop her off there on Monday. To get to the proper destination at the airport, I have to follow the signs from the highway. And I’m always missing the signs or misinterpreting the signs or overthinking the signs (What does short-term parking even mean? Two days, or two hours? I don’t know if that’s…oh, I missed the turn anyway). And while I’m all discombobulated, I have to wield a minivan and not kill anyone with it. Did I mention I’m 4’11” (well, almost, if I wear shoes) and checking my blind spot is darn near impossible without standing up? My point is, driving in busy traffic to places I don’t frequent is one of my most dreaded and stressful tasks. Another reason I shouldn’t have to worry about cooking for my MIL.

Oh, now I’m all bothered. Let me show some pictures of a walk Munchkin and I went on this weekend. I’ll feel better.

Taking a Spring Walk

Taking a Spring Walk

Taking a Spring Walk

Taking a Spring Walk

Taking a Spring Walk


One thought on “Weekly Menu and a Panic Attack

  1. Beautiful pictures (munchkin is really a cutey)…. We’ll be in mother-in-law land together this weekend, so I hear ya sista. I always try to impress her with my cooking, but she’s really REALLY not a foodie, so much of it is lost in translation.

    FYI – I’m going to use M-I-L as free, enthusiastic day care Saturday morning… sounds like you might deserve some too!


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