The Eight-Legged Monster of Terror

I’ve been cleaning. Or, should I say, meaning to clean. Haha.

I was just minding my own business when the biggest house spider I’ve ever seen practically galloped across my living room floor. I grabbed my ever-ready Dyson and sucked it up. (I was holding the hose with my hand and that sucker was so big it STUNG my hand as it hit the hose where I was holding it!) Now, I’d like to believe it’s dead, but I’ve sucked up ants before and found them later making themselves at home in the dust inside the canister. :S I can’t find its carcass. And I’m not opening that thing up without backup. So…do you think it lived and it’s going to come crawling out of my vacuum cleaner to get revenge? Maybe I should put my Dyson outside and hope that it doesn’t get stolen.

Now I’m eyeing my vacuum with suspicion. I…don’t…trust…you…

Why do arthropods make us act so bizarrely?


6 thoughts on “The Eight-Legged Monster of Terror

  1. D: Take a picture? That’s like Frodo taking a picture of the Shelob the Giant Spider in the Return of the King!

    And PICK IT UP with toilet paper? While this would have solved the “is it dead” problem, I’d rather not take the chance of it gnashing my hand with it’s big sharp pointy fangs.


  2. Um, yeah. I always stuff a wad of toilet paper up into the hose so that it can’t crawl out. I figure it might starve to death if I leave it in there long enough. A few years ago my husband bought a little badminton-racquet looking thing that zaps bugs with electricity when you press two buttons. At the time I thought, “Well, this is a huge waste of six bucks.” Now I have a shrine to it in my living room and we celebrate an annual hand-held bug-zapper day. No, not really, but if it wasn’t for that second Commandment…

    (It’s similar to this one:

    I have some pretty harrowing tales of spiders in particular and bugs in general, but we’d be here all night if I started on that.


  3. I usually go for sturdier tools than toilet paper… like two magazines that can act as tongs, or two flattened pasta boxes from the recycling. That gives me a bit of distance while I’m flushing the darn thing down.

    Makes me chuckle to hear of your cleaning frenzy. I’ve been doing it too…. silly house guest prep gets in the way of all my fun!


  4. HEHE! I saw a gigantic spider in our cabin not long after we moved it. I mean it was ginormous! It crawled across our pine slat floor and into a small hole next to a baseboard. I haven’t seen it again. We have so many spiders my DD1 has started calling them all Charlotte.


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