Scullery Maid

Well, I finally found my motivation and cleaned the daylights out of our home. Not that I’m aiming to knock my MIL’s socks off, so to speak, with my awesomely sparkly home (okay, maybe a little), but it needed the cleaning anyway in preparation of us moving out next month. Just a little less to scrub, know what I mean? I gave it my all, and now I’m pooped.

Now, after a long, hard day’s work, it is late, and I’m going to bed. In the morning I’m getting up, showering (with Munchkin, as always, because although my bathroom is sparkly, I still don’t want her playing in the toilet), baking banana bread (for the ambiance, right?) and heading over to the airport to pick her up. Don’t know if I’ll be able to update much while she’s here. But if I’m not back by Tuesday, send a search party, okay?


4 thoughts on “Scullery Maid

  1. I desperately need to clean. My MIL’s house is always spotless. I asked her one day how, and she said she loves cleaning. It is a hobby for her. That explained a lot. I’m still working on finding joy in cleaning. My MIL will scrub her hardwood with a wet rag on her hands and knees to avoid streaks. Now, that’s dedication. What a woman! I hope you have a good visit.


  2. I hope your visit with MIL is going well! After the last time my MIL visited, she sent me a wickless, wax-coated, heavily scented in baby powder flavor, stuffed bunny rabbit — as a birthday present. Huh??? I’m assuming my house smelled like dirty diapers while she was here, and she was trying to be helpful. DOH!


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