Doing Not Thinking: Week…is it four or five?

Here’s an update for the Doing Not Thinking Challenge. I haven’t updated in the last week or two because I’ve been too busy “doing”. That’s one ironic excuse.

Goal #1: Preparing to Move, Moving, and Setting Up Home in our new house in a controlled and organized manner. Doing everything in my power to make our new house truly feel like “home”. Done and done. Pretty much everything is unpacked in it’s place, and we just finished cleaning the old rental today. As noted in previous posts, the new house still isn’t “home”, but it’s a matter of growing into it, not forcing it.

Goal #2: Take to plunge into gardening, but at my own comfortable pace. I bought herb starts and potted them this week. I’m waffling between buying some garden starts/planting something in the empty places around the foundation of the house (which is conveniently weeded and not sodded), but we have a (carpenter?) ant problem and I think that planting something there will encourage them to crawl onto the house (although they can do that just fine without encouragement)(the ants, that is, not the plants) and it might be a moot point if we eventually need to get a professional out here to spray them. Ugh. What a mess. Next month my sister-in-law Tweeter is coming to visit, and I’m going to consult with her about our future garden. She’s quite the gardener. Oh, and we’ve got an impressive compost pile going on, to the point that we’re going to be forced to build a multi-unit compost bin because it’s just so big and out of control. Taming an unmaintained yard creates lots of compost material! On a related note, I’m planning on buying some red wriggler worms for vermicomposting my kitchen scraps. The lowest I saw them on craigslist was $10 a pound, but now the ad is gone. Darn.

Goal #3: Being conscientious about my Internet Time, ensuring that Internet Time is productive and not just time-wasting, and scheduling Internet Time so that it does not conflict with interacting with my family. I can’t say I haven’t wasted time on the internet–I think that working my butt off to move just burned me out. But it’s mostly at night after Munchkin goes to bed, so that’s good.


Suburban Summer

When I dreamt of owning a house, one of the big kickers was that I could do anything I wanted with the plants in the yard. I could remove plants, or, more importantly to me, I could plant plants.

So when I bought some herbs at the garden center earlier this week, what did I do? I put them in pots instead.

New House

This way I can bring them inside for the winter. There is a perfect spot for them in the storage room, which is a large room that was walled off from the garage. It has a large window that lets in lots of morning sun. Last time I had anything in a container, it ended badly. So we’ll see.

The weather’s been beautiful here: sunny and warm (although today was more “hot”). Gorgeous. Perfect for grilling hamburgers, which go well with homemade potato salad.

New House

While we’re not gardening or eating, there’s always laying in the hammock:

New House

Ahh. The life.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to do anything fun outside today because Munchkin had a fever and was cranky, too. I have no idea what kind of sickness she’s getting, but I hope it doesn’t last long. Poor girl. She likes to cuddle when she’s not feeling well, but today it was like snuggling an oven in the desert. I just about melted; I can only imagine how she felt.

Irritatingly, I have misplaced my notebook with all my weekly menus and shopping lists. I can only conclude that it is not in this house, because I’ve looked high and low. I hope it’s in the van. The last place I saw it was at Target two days ago when I was doing a bit of shopping. I hope that if I lost it that someone would call the phone number I put on the cover, because even though it’s just a silly notebook with nothing really too important in it, I think I’d loose my mind if I didn’t have it. It’s a collection of my family’s culinary history. It’s interesting to see what we were eating six months ago, and how much our habits have changed.

Plus I can’t remember what I’m supposed to cook on Saturday, but it has something to do with rice.

A few more pictures

I’ve taken a couple more photos of our new home. Only a couple because I’ve only gotten the kitchen/dining room completely settled, haha. Everything else is mostly good, but there are still a few boxes of decorations/art/pictures that I’d like to put up before taking pictures. All in due time. 😉

Before I get the new pictures, I have something else: Pictures of our old home. You may not care, and that’s fine. But I wanted to take pictures for the memories. Sometimes I wish I had taken more pictures of the first apartment that Husband and I shared. I’m glad that I remembered to take pictures this time. It is kind of weird, though. Now that we’re pretty much moved in, I just don’t have the yearning to be back in my old home like I thought I would. And that’s good! I do wish I felt more comfortable here, though. I’m still adjusting.

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures. They seem to sum up my photography skills: leaves something to be desired.

New House

That’s a corner of my kitchen. Don’t you just LOVE the beat-up cabinets, old wood laminate countertops (you can’t see it in this photo, but on the other side of the kitchen the front facing is falling off/non-existent), and faux brick backsplash? Gorgeous. Someday we’re going to take the brick out and tile the backsplash, paint the cabinets white and put new hardware on them, and get some modern laminate countertop. But honestly, I don’t really care as much as I thought I would.

New House

An extremely poorly-lit picture of the dining room, taken from the kitchen. I’m glad our table fits where it does; I was afraid it would block the sliding glass door.

And a gratuitous picture of Munchkin at Husband’s church softball game tonight:


They actually won, which ties their number of wins from last year: one. Hurray!

Miscellany Regarding Current Life

Here’s a picture of my roses, as promised:

My Roses

Roses aren’t something I would have chosen to plant, as I am super-practical and I’m not feeding my family roses, but darn those are pretty.

Husband installed an over-the-range microwave today. It took him six hours. At one point I asked him alarmedly, “Did you just start a fire in the wall?!?” But in the end it turned out alright, and now I have a microwave to use! Now I just hope it doesn’t, you know, fall out of the wall.

The weather’s been great here and we’ve spent a LOT of time outside weeding the yard. That’s our recreation. Weeding. It’s fun and therapeutic. We aspire to have a food-producing garden, but we’re sticking to weeding for right now. It’s really hard to screw up weeding. I did buy some herb starts at the store today, but now I have no idea what to do with them. I’m scared to do anything, lest I kill them. I’m petrified, people. PETRIFIED OF GROWING PLANTS.

I’ll get over it. 😉

Munchkin is still irrationally cranky. Can’t tell if it’s toddlerhood or the move or teeth or just because she wants to make hell. I don’t know if it matters, because I can’t change any of it. Going outside usually helps, and I will gladly oblige.

I used my new (used) washer and dryer for the first time yesterday and opened up the washer to find that I left a giant permanent marker in my apron pocket and ruined a whole bunch of white clothes, including Munchkin’s awesome white sweatshirt that we got from Nicole. 😦 Craptastic! On the plus side, the washer and dryer actually work really well without added markers.

I’ve been feeling really here-and-there, this-and-that lately. Not in a hypomania kind of way, but just because there are so many little random things to do and take care of and I don’t feel settled. I hope this soon passes.

We’ve Landed

We’ve been “moved into” our house for two days now, and there are so many great things I don’t know where to begin.

New House

Moving was extremely busy and exhausting, but we are mostly unpacked. There are a few home maintenance things that we’ve been doing, as I outlined in the last post. The list is not getting any shorter, no matter how hard we work on it. That’s okay with me at this point, because it’s fun. 
New House
The house didn’t come with a washer and dryer or a microwave, so I scouted out craigslist until I found all three: washer and dryer for $225 and brand-new over-the-range microwave for $120. Score! I love craigslist. I’ll be needing a new refrigerator and stove soon, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for those.
We’ve found that the temperature fluctuates wildly in the house, getting chilly at night and warm during the day (the cold is what bothers me, though). We’ve lived in shared housing so long that we are used to using our neighbors to buffer us against the extremes. I’ve learned to shut the windows just after the warmest part of the day to keep the heat in, even though I would love to leave them open.
New House
But the best part of our new house is not the house at all, but what’s outside of it. It sits on a nearly quarter acre lot, the perimeter of which is lined with a six-foot fence and trees, including a cluster of pines, a few maples, and a couple that I haven’t yet identified but they are very large. The backyard smells of the woods and lilacs (my neighbor’s, but they droop over the fence onto my side). I have a couple of bushes out front that are flowering right now (pictured in this post), and a couple of rosebushes, one of which is blooming right now with the most beautiful roses. I’ll have to take a picture of those tomorrow.
New House

The very best part is that from our back porch (which is so big that according to Husband’s friend Jim, “You could play full-court basketball on it!”), I can’t see my neighbors and my neighbors can’t see me through the vegetation. Total privacy. I can truly relax without worrying that someone watching me, which sounds ridiculously paranoid, but nobody is at ease under (perceived) observation, right? The morning sun filters through the trees right onto the porch and the birds sing their songs. A show just for me, every morning. Peace.