Prepare for Launch

We found out this week that our home loan was approved. Interestingly enough, I didn’t jump for joy or throw a parade when I got the news. They could have told me that it was partly cloudy outside and I would have had the same reaction. Ho-hum. There really isn’t much to do to mark the occasion, anyway; there’s still a couple of weeks until we close.

One thing we DID do was go to a large home improvement store that shall remain unnamed (but they assured me that I could do it, and they could help…by trying to sell me a $1600 range). While we didn’t buy any appliances, we did need new doorknobs and deadbolts and new toilet seats. Trust me, all of these things needed replacement. And even if we didn’t need a new toilet seat for the hall bathroom, what mother of a potty-learning toddler DOESN’T want a toilet seat with a hidden built-in toddler seat? GENIUS. Husband looked at me after I insisted on this special accessory with a look of, “You can’t be flippin’ serious, it’s twenty-five dollars more than a standard toilet seat.” And I told him that I would sell my feminine services for the difference if I had to, but we were getting that seat!

We also attempted to pick out shower heads while there, but it seems we have a harder time choosing and agreeing on shower heads than we do buying a house. So we decided to try again later.

And, just in time for the big moving extravaganza, I’ve contracted The Funk, a curious condition wherein I sit on my butt and look at everything and say, “No freakin’ way am I going to deal with that now. Try again later.” Rinse and repeat. It’s weird, like my brain is a computer and my ‘motivation’ program keeps crashing. I NEED AN I.T. SPECIALIST, STAT.

Munchkin has no idea what’s going to happen. I kind of feel bad for her, even though she is such a resilient kid, because there won’t be a “normal” for several months, probably. She’s just started consistently sleeping through the night, and I hope that the move doesn’t make her start waking again. Not that it’s a big deal to get up once or twice, but I like the uninterrupted sleep.

We went to a playdate at our friend Nicole’s house. There were a lot of people there, and it was a lot of fun. Munchkin loves playing with other kids so much. I’m starting to worry that she’s going to be an extroverted person. Not that extroverts are bad or anything, but I just don’t know if I’m going to be able to satisfy her social needs without neglecting my own introverted social needs (or anti-needs, whatever). If we end up homeschooling, this could be one of our biggest problems. (Lemme clarify: While I could live in a cabin in the woods a hundred miles from the nearest person and be perfectly happy, that doesn’t mean I dislike other people or dislike hanging out with other people. I just need my alone time. I’m not anti-social or anything.) 🙂

Here’s something funny: Munchkin got into some dog poop at the playdate and while I was washing her hands I was all like, “Please don’t touch dog poop.” And now she can’t stop talking about “doggie poop”. I got weird looks in the store today because of her wild and random proclamations of “DOGGIE POOP!” She also took a scoop out of one of the bulk bins and put it in her mouth. Tracking down an employee and ‘fessing up was a bit embarrassing. Parenting is such a humbling job.


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