Naked Time

Munchkin: Pee floor.

Me: Did you pee on the floor?

Munchkin: Yes.

Me: Show me.

Munchkin leads me to a soaked section of carpet in her bedroom, smiling proudly.

Me: *sigh*


2 thoughts on “Naked Time

  1. Oh, but aren’t you proud? She let you know before it had dried completely so you didn’t have to put your nose to the floor trying to figure out where that smell was coming from!

    Can I just say I SOO don’t miss our nasty old kelly green, pee-stained carpet?


  2. LOL, yeah, it could be much, much worse. 😉

    Although, perhaps she has done this, and my nose is so out-of-whack from having four guinea pigs (who LOVE to pee!) that I can’t tell. It’s totally possible.


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