Doing Not Thinking: Week 1

Earlier this week I found an awesome blog via The Organic Sister called Two Frog Home. She has a challenge going on right now called Doing Not Thinking. Basically I interpreted it as a challenge for me, a chronic procrastinator by way of overthinking things as a mental block to doing them, to STOP the superfluous thinking and just do it.

I’ve got three goals for the Doing Not Thinking challenge. They are, in no particular order:

1. Preparing to Move, Moving, and Setting Up Home in our new house in a controlled and organized manner. Doing everything in my power to make our new house truly feel like “home”.

2. Take to plunge into gardening, but at my own comfortable pace.

3. Being conscientious about my Internet Time, ensuring that Internet Time is productive and not just time-wasting, and scheduling Internet Time so that it does not conflict with interacting with my family.

And my progress thus follows:

1. While I think I did overthink it a little, plus I had a case of The Funk earlier this week, I am busy cleaning and organizing and purging our stuff so that packing can be done in short order and easily. Today I cleaned out two of our three closets, purged and organized my craft/stationary/scrapbook supplies, and cleaned out two totes of guinea pig stuff and condensed it down to one tote. I’ve got a checklist with all sorts of stuff I need to do, people and companies I need to contact for various moving-related reasons, and a timeline of our move-in process with task lists for both me and Husband. Phew!

2. Um, not much. Focusing mostly on #1 right now. But I did go to our town’s farmer’s market this morning and visited a booth with a family who was selling “Victory Garden Kits” for $10, which included seeds, row markers, and extensive instructions on how to grow your own victory garden. I like that idea and am playing with the idea of buying one to support them. They seemed genuine.

3. I could be doing much better with this, but for at least a few days I was doing well. I just have to keep trying.


3 thoughts on “Doing Not Thinking: Week 1

  1. How did you like the farmer’s market over there? Newberg has one, last year being the first year, and it’s lame. I want to find a cool local one.

    I waaaaaaaaaaay overthink everything, and then get worn out from doing that, and never do anything. I hate it! The good days are when I can just do, instead of planning/thinking/stressing.


  2. Moving is such a huge task by itself! But it’s also such a reat time to go thru things. I wish I could empty my house completely, then move things in a little at a time. My husband doesn’t find this to be a helpful idea though. pffft

    The “kit” sounds really cool! You know, I can’t wait to hear more about this goal. 😉

    Um. No advice there. I’m still working on this one. lol



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