Jumping In

Have you ever gone swimming with your friends on the first nice day of the year? The pool isn’t quite warm yet but you have been waiting all winter for this day, and you don’t want to get in because it’s going to be almost unbearably cold. You dread it. But you remind yourself that it won’t last too long, and after that you and your friends will have a lot of fun. That seems reassuring, but you still dread it. After stalling for awhile, you finally force yourself to jump in…

I’m there. We have loads of empty boxes laying around, begging us to be filled. Meanwhile, I’m still futzing around with things in cupboards and drawers and closets and shelves, meticulously putting them away after I’ve sorted through them as though they won’t be thrown in one of the aforementioned boxes in a few days. I carefully clean my kitchen every evening, putting everything in its place, and I almost can’t bear to think that I’ll be tearing it all apart within a matter of days. I’m holding back, clawing at “home” to keep it from vanishing. The end is imminent.
In other news, my finger is doing better. It doesn’t hurt anymore, but it is really stiff. I can’t flex it all the way, and it is weak. As long as it doesn’t hurt though, I’ll be okay. I can move with a stiff, weak finger, but not a stiff, weak, PAINFUL finger. 
Munchkin refused to take a nap yesterday and never became belligerent, so she skipped it. I think that’s the first time she went all day without a nap. Let’s just say I prefer naps for her. I like my little break in the afternoon! Hopefully that was just a fluke, and that she continues to nap, like she did today. I just need to be better at wearing her out.

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