Not Buying It: Week 2

Here’s my update for the Not Buying It Challenge:

Clothing: No update. Haven’t bought anything, and haven’t saved anything from certain destruction.
Food: If I was limber enough to kick myself in the face, I would totally do it. I bought three pounds of ground beef on sale last week and forgot to re-package it to freeze it, so it went bad. There is nothing about being a HausFrau that infuriates me more than when I forget about meat in the fridge. It’s not even so much that I “forgot” about it; I just procrastinated too long. There is no valid excuse. So very useless. 
Household: I pilfered cardboard boxes out of the recycling dumpsters to use during our move, which is technically stealing since the hauling company SELLS the material to the recycler, but I figured that they’ll end right back up in the dumpster anyway. So I’m not stealing, I’m borrowing. I can’t imagine why anyone would pay for cardboard boxes.
Utilities: I’m trying to use more natural light, or just be content with the natural light and not turn on the lamps.
Gifts: Homemade Mother’s Day cards for both of our moms.
Exercise/Self-improvement: Packing up all of your worldly possessions counts as exercise, right?
Homestead: Ummmmm…well, I tried to bring home some watermelon rinds from the restaurant we ate at yesterday, but I forgot them at the table.
Education: Nothing new. We did have a “TV Fast” that lasted about 36 hours, which surprisingly enough was Husband’s idea. (We had to turn the TV back on tonight for the season finale of House. I’m rolling my eyes right now.) I think one reason it lasted as long as it did was that there are really heavy boxes of books blocking the doors to the armoire so I can’t get it open. Unfortunately, this also meant that I couldn’t turn the stereo on, so we were also music-less. We did sing more songs and read more books. That’s kind of nice.
Weaknesses: We ate out three times this past weekend. I think that’s a new record. We had fast food for lunch on Saturday, then on Sunday Husband suggested this bistro in downtown Sherwood that he wanted to check out. They were having their Mother’s Day brunch, and after we were seated we noticed that it was $16 per person. Yikes. And the food was not worth $16, even for someone with a loose grasp on reality. What a waste. Why can’t we have any luck with Sherwood restaurants? *sigh* Then some friends from back home stopped by as they were going through town and we ate at a Korean BBQ restaurant which, I admit, was pretty cool but also really costly. We blew a whole week’s food budget in one day. Which stinks, because I was hoping we’d eat out a few times in the next week or two so that I won’t have to worry about cooking in the middle of the move, but it looks like I won’t have that liberty. Horrible.
Purging: Still finding things here and there to put in the recycle bin or in the donate box, but I think I’ve gone through just about everything we own now. I’ve mastered purging, mwahaha.

4 thoughts on “Not Buying It: Week 2

  1. Eating out and moving go hand in hand, I’m afraid. Or at least it did for us… it’s horrible but with all that packing and cleaning and moving its hard to find the time and/or energy to cook even if you like too cook…


  2. I think the single biggest motivator for not eating out was staring at an empty plate that was NOT worth the price we paid. Every. Stinkin. Time. It’s hard to find good food here and it’s pretty bad when I can say “I could’ve made that at home.” (!!)

    Maybe TV dinners while moving? A frozen lasagna? Cooking is just not an option.



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