No Pain, No Gain

Well, we went and signed papers yesterday. Surprisingly, there wasn’t that much to sign. We had to sign almost as much paperwork just to get pre-approved for our loan before we even went house hunting. Anyway, it was pretty anti-climatic, as we don’t get the keys until tomorrow. We were supposed to close no later than today, but who-knows-what happened behind the scenes and we have to be extra patient, which is okay with me because at the end we get a house! 

Unfortunately that means we are a day behind in getting the house move-in ready. We’ve got a lot to do: Husband is painting the living room, hallway, and master bedroom. We have to get the air vents cleaned (they are sooo gross) and the carpets cleaned, too. I have to deep clean the whole house, since it’s been unoccupied since last summer and there’s been people traipsing through it occasionally. We have to install the new doorknobs, toilet seats, baby locks and smoke/CO detectors. I’m also wallpapering the shelves and drawers in the kitchen and bathroom cupboards. THEN we can start moving things into the living space proper. The plan was to do the bulk of the actual “moving” next Wednesday, spending our first night there that evening; we have friends planning on helping us with the big stuff that day. So now we just have to work extra hard to make that goal. If we have to push it back, so be it, but I don’t want to have to change plans with our helpers last minute. 
As if this wasn’t stressful enough, Munchkin is acting like a super-hormonal teenager with PMS. Normally she’s always happy, only crabby when she’s tired, and easily consoled. But for the last few days she’ll start inconsolably sobbing at the drop of a hat at the simplest things. It could be the move. It could be teething, as she’s getting her eye teeth in (although she’s never been bothered by teething before). Or, and I really hope this isn’t it, it’s a vaccine reaction. She got her first MMR shot on Monday. She’s also started waking at night again, 3-5 times a night. Whatever it is, I hope it’s just a weird fluke thing that will resolve itself. If she’s like this for the next week, I’m going to need some extra patience. 
With that, I’m going to sign off and get some sleep. Hopefully.

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