A Brief Update

Tonight is our last night in the condo. Just about everything but the essentials and the furniture and all of Munchkin’s stuff is at the new house. My kitchen is 90% organized and I hope to have it and the bathrooms done by tomorrow evening. I’m also taking Munchkin’s bedroom stuff over tomorrow morning too, in one fell swoop (or van load). My intent was to make sure she felt comfortable while we were moving, but today I thought that maybe she was feeling a little scared that we were going to leave her here since we’ve moved just about everything except her stuff. 

I’ve worked so hard these last six days. There was TONS of things to do before we could even start moving things into the house. Cleaning every surface of the whole house several times, carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning (which has been postponed because the dude that was supposed to do it “got sick” last weekend), painting two rooms and a hallway (which in itself was a two-person, three-day job), mowing a huge overgrown lawn, wallpapering shelves and drawers, making fifteen trips to Home Depot, installing bathroom hardware, closet rods, door jams, doorknobs, toilet seats, a washer and dryer, an over-the-range microwave, built-in shelving, and shower heads. The house still has a weird funk to it despite leaving the windows open for several nights, a combination of staleness and public bathroom and cats. Blech. While we did eat out on the weekend since we had a friend in town to help out (fast food and pizza), we’ve eaten at home otherwise. Thank God for frozen soup. 
The only major bad thing that has happened in the last week was that Husband and his friend did a great job of painting the living room, hallway, and master bedroom…ORANGE. Seriously. Freaking orange. It didn’t look like orange on that little card we got from the paint store. But it is. Orange. The color is called “Hacienda Clay” and on the walls it looks like orange, a little yellow, and a pinch of tan. I was going for tan with a hint of warmth. You can see it on this page. Just do a “control + f” and search for “Hacienda Clay”. Looks like a nice warm tan, doesn’t it? Nope. It’s yellowy-orange. It’s going to look just great with my dark green couch and my deep reddish draperies and my subtle (okay, nearly non-existent but intended) Asian theme. *sigh* Let this be a lesson: ALWAYS PAINT A TEST SWATCH ON THE WALL.
Anyway, tomorrow night will be our first night in the new house. I’m excited but a little sad to have to say good-bye to our little rented condo. While I hated it at first, I’ve had many great life experiences happen to me while living here, even while physically inside here, and it’s grown on me like a good old friend. I found out I was going to be a mother in the bathroom. We brought Munchkin home from the hospital here, and I had the most wonderful babymoon I could have ever imagined. I embraced the title of “HausFrau” here, with all of the rights and responsibilities therein. We had our first family Christmas here. I could go on, but the meaning is personal and hard to explain. 
We get internet installed at the new house on Thursday morning, so I won’t be updating or browsing other blogs for a few days. But I’ll be back. 🙂

One thought on “A Brief Update

  1. Yay for finally moving!! Hope your LO is feeling more secure about not being left behind. LOL


    Ugg. What is with bloggers new comment form? It always spazzes out and I have to submit more than once. Am I the only one?


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