A few more pictures

I’ve taken a couple more photos of our new home. Only a couple because I’ve only gotten the kitchen/dining room completely settled, haha. Everything else is mostly good, but there are still a few boxes of decorations/art/pictures that I’d like to put up before taking pictures. All in due time. šŸ˜‰

Before I get the new pictures, I have something else: Pictures of our old home. You may not care, and that’s fine. But I wanted to take pictures for the memories. Sometimes I wish I had taken more pictures of the first apartment that Husband and I shared. I’m glad that I remembered to take pictures this time. It is kind of weird, though. Now that we’re pretty much moved in, I just don’t have the yearning to be back in my old home like I thought I would. And that’s good! I do wish I felt more comfortable here, though. I’m still adjusting.

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures. They seem to sum up my photography skills: leaves something to be desired.

New House

That’s a corner of my kitchen. Don’t you just LOVE the beat-up cabinets, old wood laminate countertops (you can’t see it in this photo, but on the other side of the kitchen the front facing is falling off/non-existent), and faux brick backsplash? Gorgeous. Someday we’re going to take the brick out and tile the backsplash, paint the cabinets white and put new hardware on them, and get some modern laminate countertop. But honestly, I don’t really care as much as I thought I would.

New House

An extremely poorly-lit picture of the dining room, taken from the kitchen. I’m glad our table fits where it does; I was afraid it would block the sliding glass door.

And a gratuitous picture of Munchkin at Husband’s church softball game tonight:


They actually won, which ties their number of wins from last year: one. Hurray!


One thought on “A few more pictures

  1. Okay call me a nerd but I really love the brick and the color of the cabinets. My house growing up had brick (not sure if it was fake or not) that my mom painted white. It looked pretty nice and lightened things up alot. Some cool vintage hardware on the cabinets would look great. The countertop def needs to go. lol Love the color in the dining room too. šŸ™‚

    Glad you’re getting settled in. Feeling comfortable will take some time I’m sure.



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