Suburban Summer

When I dreamt of owning a house, one of the big kickers was that I could do anything I wanted with the plants in the yard. I could remove plants, or, more importantly to me, I could plant plants.

So when I bought some herbs at the garden center earlier this week, what did I do? I put them in pots instead.

New House

This way I can bring them inside for the winter. There is a perfect spot for them in the storage room, which is a large room that was walled off from the garage. It has a large window that lets in lots of morning sun. Last time I had anything in a container, it ended badly. So we’ll see.

The weather’s been beautiful here: sunny and warm (although today was more “hot”). Gorgeous. Perfect for grilling hamburgers, which go well with homemade potato salad.

New House

While we’re not gardening or eating, there’s always laying in the hammock:

New House

Ahh. The life.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to do anything fun outside today because Munchkin had a fever and was cranky, too. I have no idea what kind of sickness she’s getting, but I hope it doesn’t last long. Poor girl. She likes to cuddle when she’s not feeling well, but today it was like snuggling an oven in the desert. I just about melted; I can only imagine how she felt.

Irritatingly, I have misplaced my notebook with all my weekly menus and shopping lists. I can only conclude that it is not in this house, because I’ve looked high and low. I hope it’s in the van. The last place I saw it was at Target two days ago when I was doing a bit of shopping. I hope that if I lost it that someone would call the phone number I put on the cover, because even though it’s just a silly notebook with nothing really too important in it, I think I’d loose my mind if I didn’t have it. It’s a collection of my family’s culinary history. It’s interesting to see what we were eating six months ago, and how much our habits have changed.

Plus I can’t remember what I’m supposed to cook on Saturday, but it has something to do with rice.


One thought on “Suburban Summer

  1. I don't think I'd survive long without my home journal. Esp because it has our menus in it and that would be such a PITA to come up with again. Mine is too big to lug anywhere though so it stays in a drawer in my kitchen, thankfully. I hope yours turns up soon!



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