Doing Not Thinking: Week…is it four or five?

Here’s an update for the Doing Not Thinking Challenge. I haven’t updated in the last week or two because I’ve been too busy “doing”. That’s one ironic excuse.

Goal #1: Preparing to Move, Moving, and Setting Up Home in our new house in a controlled and organized manner. Doing everything in my power to make our new house truly feel like “home”. Done and done. Pretty much everything is unpacked in it’s place, and we just finished cleaning the old rental today. As noted in previous posts, the new house still isn’t “home”, but it’s a matter of growing into it, not forcing it.

Goal #2: Take to plunge into gardening, but at my own comfortable pace. I bought herb starts and potted them this week. I’m waffling between buying some garden starts/planting something in the empty places around the foundation of the house (which is conveniently weeded and not sodded), but we have a (carpenter?) ant problem and I think that planting something there will encourage them to crawl onto the house (although they can do that just fine without encouragement)(the ants, that is, not the plants) and it might be a moot point if we eventually need to get a professional out here to spray them. Ugh. What a mess. Next month my sister-in-law Tweeter is coming to visit, and I’m going to consult with her about our future garden. She’s quite the gardener. Oh, and we’ve got an impressive compost pile going on, to the point that we’re going to be forced to build a multi-unit compost bin because it’s just so big and out of control. Taming an unmaintained yard creates lots of compost material! On a related note, I’m planning on buying some red wriggler worms for vermicomposting my kitchen scraps. The lowest I saw them on craigslist was $10 a pound, but now the ad is gone. Darn.

Goal #3: Being conscientious about my Internet Time, ensuring that Internet Time is productive and not just time-wasting, and scheduling Internet Time so that it does not conflict with interacting with my family. I can’t say I haven’t wasted time on the internet–I think that working my butt off to move just burned me out. But it’s mostly at night after Munchkin goes to bed, so that’s good.


One thought on “Doing Not Thinking: Week…is it four or five?

  1. ack! don't call that bug guy! there are lots of natural ways to take care of ants. and if all else fails a $5 bottle of boric acid powder (well, 1/2 tsp of it) mixed in sweetened yogurt takes care of them quick. 🙂



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