Not Buying It Challenge: Week…we’ll call it 3

Here’s my update for the Not Buying It Challenge:

Clothing: Well, I haven’t *bought* anything, but I did ruin some clothes. 😦 I accidentally washed my jumbo black permanent marker that I used to mark boxes in with my whites. I think I mentioned this earlier…

Food: I went to the Veggie Booty in the grocery store today but I overcame and didn’t buy it! Bulk oats were on sale, so I stocked up.

Household: While I would never buy myself flowers “just because”, I have been cutting roses off of the rose bush to put on my dining room table. It’s a nice touch.

Utilities: I entered a giveaway drawing put on by our utility company for a heat pump, which is much needed. Now I just need to win!

Gifts: Husband’s birthday was yesterday, and I made him a cake. Well, it would be more accurate to say I made him a smoldering black brick. There is something very wrong with our oven. I have to call the home warranty company tomorrow.

Exercise/Self-improvement: I’ve been napping. Oh, that doesn’t count as exercise? Well, then nada.

Homestead: Our compost pile is HUGE. We could loose Munchkin in it, or behind it. I’m trying to convince Husband to build a three-bin compost bin out of old pallets, but for some reason he can’t get past the fact that “it’s got holes in it, so all the compost will just fall out of it!” Well, better than a giant pile threatening to take over the yard.

Education: I bought Munchkin some nice wooden puzzles at a used children’s stuff sale that my friends at church put on. Yes, that means I *bought* something, but for three puzzles and an alphabet toy, nine dollars is a pretty good deal!

Weaknesses: I really haven’t bought anything in the last week that wasn’t needed. Well, rhubarb at the farmer’s market. It seems kind of a frivolous purchase now that I know I can’t bake anything in the oven.

Purging: Not much left to purge after the move. I still have to take all of the purged items to Goodwill. I will have to go through Munchkin’s clothes now that the hot weather is here to stay, but mostly everything will be stored instead of purged.


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