Snowman for my Pumpkin

Munchkin is two years and nine-and-a-half months old. I can’t believe it, because she still feels like my little baby. She still curls up in what’s left of my lap and requests Mama Milk. When it’s sleepy time she will fall asleep drinking Mama Milk and sometimes I just sit with her peacefully asleep in my lap, still latched on, just like she did when she was a newborn. And I remember that someday she won’t do this anymore, that I will be giving her The Talk and taking her shopping for bras and pads, maybe even wondering how it came to be that this girl I cuddled not so long ago is now a teenager who won’t talk to me.


I don’t want to become complacent and take these fleeting moments for granted. So when a freak snowstorm hit us earlier this week, I woke her up early from her nap so we could bundle up in our scavenged snow gear and make a memory. She hadn’t seen snow since we were in North Dakota last December, so I wasn’t sure if she even had any memory to draw upon. But of course we read about it in books and she sees it on TV, so she had many expectations to test out. We made this little snowman. Of course it had to have two button eyes, a carrot for a nose, and a little pink scarf. She was so in love with it!


I tried to get her to lay down and make a snow angel, since she pretends to make snow angels inside on the carpet all the time. Unfortunately it was snowing huge, wet snowflakes and she didn’t like them falling in her face. As soon as she laid down, she got right back up and refused to try again. So I showed her how it was done. Then I realized I was eight months pregnant and wearing a pea coat that was much too small for my girth. I hope the neighbors weren’t watching me trying to get up!


We also “made tracks” in the snow and threw snowballs. After I finally managed to convince her to go inside (it was getting dark), we drank warm apple cider together in the kitchen, trying to warm up.

She’s getting so much more mature, but she’ll always be my baby.


New Year’s Resolution

Hello…hello? Is this thing on? *taptap*

Hi, My name is HausFrau, and I’m a naughty blogger.

Today is still January 1. It’s a better time than ever to start up again, no?

I humbly apologize for my gaping inadequacies. I promise I have no more morning sickness. Though, it’s getting awfully hard to move.

So much has happened and on the verge of happening that it’s hard to know where to begin.

We are still very much enjoying our house. I laid around in it for two straight months, doing nothing but forcing myself to eat popsicles and toast while I kept the TV on the 24-hour cartoon channel. After I finally felt better, the summer was all but shot, and I quite enjoyed the autumn and beginning of winter. I’ve been cooking up a storm, making up for all the meals I didn’t eat earlier.

Munchkin and Husband are doing quite well. Husband has taken to playing copious amounts of computer games in anticipation of this little one’s arrival, just like he did with Munchkin. I’ve found it’s best to let him get it out of his system. Munchkin likes to talk about her “baby brother” (yes, it’s a boy) and give my belly kisses and cuddles. Today she was trying to get him to sing with her. I’m not sure how she expected that to work.

I am 35 weeks along, so I am in the midst of getting our home set up for the birth and the baby. I have some cleaning tasks to attend to in the next few days, a few miscellaneous birth supplies left to acquire, and some knitting and sewing projects to finish up, but other than that we are ready. Oh, I am so ready. I feel like I’m going to burst open, and flipping from one side to another in bed is a five-point maneuver.

I could probably blather on for another four or five paragraphs, but I won’t do that all at once. My life is fairly boring, right, so I need to stretch out of blathering for a few posts at least. 😉