Clearing my Mental Cache

These are things that I have contemplated writing about here, but for various reasons have not. If anybody develops a way to add a few hours to my day, please contact me. 😉

Slug hunting

Baby talks

Growing a Miniature Orchard (Or, Why I love Permaculture Magazine)


Why Am I Playing So Much Freakin’ Farmville?



Outdoor Preschools

Radical Homemaking


Recipes, Including Vegetable Pasta Salad and BBQ Chicken Pizza

Oh, And Lemon Curd

The Documentary Entitled “Escape From Suburbia”

Why Won’t My Baby Sleep?

What Was That Noise, and Where Is My Preschooler?

The Kitchen Remodel

And much, much more…I want to write. I’m just too busy living life right now!


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