Brain Scrambler

I know I seem extremely disjointed lately, and that’s because I am. Or at least I feel that way. I have so much in my brain right now that I need to lay out there to get it cleared, but I can’t seem to grab an hour or two to myself and just reboot.

It’s 99% good stuff. We are so freakin’ blessed, it’s not even funny! We’re undergoing a kitchen remodel right now (which started out as an easy couple of projects and has turned into a beast, but for the good!), I am trying my hardest to not screw up our garden this year, the kids are changing and growing and I’m trying to give them great opportunities to grow and learn and be happy, we’ve had huge family changes in the last few months (my father-in-law’s passing and we have two new nieces, not to mention Oopma-Loompa!), plus miscellaneous odds and ends projects that for some reason I seem to want to do. Oh, and I have this newfound interest in permaculture. Plus, you know, the dishes need to be washed, the family needs me to cook them dinner, the laundry seems to pile up quicker than I can get to it, and I’m trying to potty-train a three-year-old who hasn’t had an accident-free day in the last month (you can just about imagine how my house smells, yuck!).

Haha, I just checked out a book from the library today! What makes me think I’m even going to get to it??

SO, in summary, I love this blog and I love to journal, but damn, it’s hard!

I’m making a goal for myself, right here and now. I’m going to be done with half of my “stuff” that’s going on in two weeks. That’s about June 10. I’m going to clear off my slate before I get into anything else, CAPEESH? Capeesh.


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