A little bit I’ve learned about gardening this year…

1. You can plant corn as starters. Might be something to consider, if we decide to plant corn again.

2. Treat peas as if they are the drunkest sorority sister in the house. That is, support them, because they will undoubtedly fall over if they don’t have something to hang on to and catch them. They need about five feet of vertical support.

3. Speaking of drunken sorority sisters, beer in tuna cans is awesome for the slugs. Well, awesome for us. Bad for the slugs.

4. Eggshells don’t do crap as a slug repellant. I’ve watched slugs crawl right over them.

5. We need WAY more space dedicated to salad greens. Plus, they don’t seem to grow as fast as one would think they should. The spinach, in particular, is being persnickety. It hardly grows, and then it bolts. Why??


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