Stella Olsen Park, Sherwood

Lazy Saturdays are my kind of Saturdays, and February is the month of Lazy Saturdays. It’s after all of the major holidays and before the call of spring deludes us into thinking we need to plan the perfect family picnic outings (not that these actually ever happen as planned) or spruce up the landscaping.

This Saturday was a Lazy Saturday if there ever was one. And what better to do, when you have nothing to do, but mosey on down to the brand-new neighborhood playground?

2015-02-21 10.59.30
This blue and orange beauty is barely three days old and yet has probably had every child in Sherwood climbing all over it.
2015-02-21 10.46.26
Including these ones. 
2015-02-21 10.39.09
I’m so very grateful to live in a community where not only are we safe but we are able to enjoy the fruits of prosperity. I mean, dang, I would have been happy if they stopped at clean water and indoor plumbing, but look at this feat of engineering!
2015-02-21 10.36.25
The kids enjoyed thoroughly exploring the monstrosity, and I marveled at how beautiful the day was and how all of these families had emerged from their winter routines to pretend it was May.
2015-02-21 10.34.02
The weather has been freakishly mild and dry here, giving us some kind of false spring. I feel like Maria in “The Sound of Music,” bounding on the hilltop while the sunshine warms my face.

I realize how crazy that sounds, but short winter days can do that to a person.

2015-02-21 10.38.15
These were the only rain drops to be found today.
Stella Olsen Memorial Park is located at 22256 SW Washington St in Sherwood, across from Horizon Christian Church. There are bathrooms and walking trails on site, and the park is within walking distance to downtown Sherwood amenities, including Sweet Story bakery and Symposium coffee shop.

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