Late Night Mom Thoughts

Late night mom things

I forgot to call my grandpa. Oh well, he won’t be up until 4:30 in the morning.

Am I on for treats for tomorrow morning? Oh, please don’t tell me I’m…no wait, I was on last week.

I wonder why my kid does that weird thing…I know, I’ll google it.

Oh, well, she’s either got a brain malformation or has a gluten intolerance. It could be fatal.

Actually I remember her sister did the same thing. I think it’s genetic. Ehh, I bet she’s fine.

I’ll call the doctor in the morning just in case. Before I call Grandpa.

I wonder how many dirty dishes I have to have before Child Protective Services will consider taking my kids away.

I don’t think I have that many. Probably not. Yeah, I’m good.

I can’t wash them now anyway. I’d wake everyone up.

It’s so quiet. Ahhhhhhh. So nice.

I wonder if that’s a normal noise for the fridge to make. Are they supposed to be that loud?

Do we have enough money in our emergency fund for a new fridge? How much do they cost, anyway?

I know, I’ll google it.

Wow, this one has a tablet computer on the door! Well for that much money, it should be bluetooth enabled, at least.

I bet I could make a magnetic tablet holder for the fridge. Then I can stick the iPad up there while I cook.

I bet Pinterest would love that.

I’ll google it.

Uh-oh, I heard a kid make a noise. Go back to sleeeeep.

…Phew, that was close. What was I doing?

Hey, look! Facebook!

Oh, a picture of Grandpa! I should have called him earlier. I’m a horrible granddaughter.

I’ll call him in the morning. After I call the doctor.

Why am I on the computer? I remember sitting down to do something specific…what was it?

Why do I have a terrible memory? I can never remember things. Maybe I’m dying.

I know, I’ll google it.

Whelp. I’m as good as dead. I better call the doctor in the morning.

After I call…who was I going to call? See, I’m dying.

Oh wait, that’s right. After I call Grandpa.


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