For the Maturing Mom: My PMB Guest Post (& Weekly Menu)

Today Portland Moms Blog posted a piece I wrote about becoming a mom of older kids.

There isn’t a word in the English language that accurately describes changing from being a mom of young children to being a mom of older children. A mom who’s done making more kids and is now concentrating on growing up the ones she’s got.
While the English language isn’t going to honor us moms of not-babies-anymore, I will.

maturing mom older kids

As an update to the post, just today (hours after it went live), the very three-year-old that was the subject to the post declined all offers for me to cuddle and rock her at nap time. Nope, she just wanted to lay down and go to sleep.

Did you hear that? That was my heart breaking into a million pieces.

ANYWAY, moving on…

Between the logistical craziness of taking a roadtrip and then hitting the ground running when we got home, plus the fact that my brain is just fried from the chaos which leaves me with little energy and not two thoughts to rub together, my house is a hot mess.

Oh man, is my house a hot mess.

I like to be organized. I really do. I don’t like clutter. So why does my house end up like this?!

messy house

Today I threw away/recycled 100 pieces of garbage. Trust me, I counted. It felt really good. I also put three boxes of donations in the back of my van, and I’ll drop those off tomorrow. And now I just have a lot of organizing to do.

Do you keep your house tidy? Tell me how! (Pretty please! I’m desperate!)

Here’s the Weekly Menu:

Monday: Roast Beef with taters & roasted veggies
Tuesday: Chicken Fajitas
Wednesday: French Dip Sandwiches
Thursday: Chicken Yakisoba
Friday: Spaghetti
Weekend: Friends in town! We’ll figure something out.


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