Petty Petite Problems: 8 “Little” Annoyances

8 little annoyances short girl

One. Contemplating on a regular basis if the airbag in my steering wheel would kill me if it ever deployed since I have to sit about six inches from it.

Two. SOMEONE please tell me why shoe retailers put the largest sizes on the bottom and the smallest sizes on the very top shelf. What sense does that make to anyone? (Bonus annoyance: sometimes the women’s shoes aren’t small enough to fit me anyway.)

Three. I can’t tell you what high school I go to because I graduated 15 years ago. No, I’m not the nanny. No, I didn’t get pregnant as a teenager and it’s none of your business, anyway. Yes, I know my 9-year-old daughters’s best friend is taller than me. She tells me every time.

My peeps are cool and love me even though I'm short. And their armpits smell nice!
My peeps are cool and love me even though I’m short. And their armpits smell nice!

Four. The elusive top shelf at the grocery store. Also see: top shelf in upper cabinets

Five. Armpits and elbows. In heavy crowds, be ready to drown in torsos. Emergency oxygen is recommended.

Six. You like to play guitar? Too bad that some techniques to fret the strings are…wait for it…out of your reach.

Seven. Hey, this hotel shower has a really impressive shower head! Too bad I can’t reach it to adjust it from the sad water-saving setting. (Actual thing that happened a few weeks ago!)

Eight. That’s cool. I’m used to never being able to see what’s at the front of crowds. I’m not going to brave the sea of torsos to try and get a closer look–I’ll just Google it later.

Side note: it was really hard to blur the featured image because my friend was AMAZINGLY beautiful at her wedding! ❤ I like that dude’s face, too. 


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