Honest Psalms for Moms

O Great God

In my time of need I cry out,

and I know you hear me.

Hear me now, as I am weary;

For the infant you have blessed me with

has not slept.

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What do I want to do when my kids grow up?

While I have a few more years to think about it, I am already finding myself anxious about what career path I should take after my kids are all in school—if any at all. I wrote a little about that over at Portland Moms Blog, and since it posted I’ve gotten quite a few messages from other moms who’ve felt the same pressure. Maybe you can relate? Read more at Portland Moms Blog.

Some things I found on the side of the internet

Japanese food = comfort food. At least for me. Here’s the newest video from Cooking with Dog: Curry Udon Noodles. I’m going to try to make this sometime! (And no, despite the unfortunate channel name, they are not using dog meat. They are using a dog, Chef Francis, as an assistant supervisor.)

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