Some things I found on the side of the internet

Japanese food = comfort food. At least for me. Here’s the newest video from Cooking with Dog: Curry Udon Noodles. I’m going to try to make this sometime! (And no, despite the unfortunate channel name, they are not using dog meat. They are using a dog, Chef Francis, as an assistant supervisor.)

This next one is from one of the best and underrated food channels on YouTube. If you hate the boring narration that accompanies the usual shows, love being in the forest, and enjoy great food, this one is for you: AlmazanKitchen.

And this one is just funny. BatDad’s daughter has a trick up her sleeve!

Here’s something that might come in handy now that we’ve settled into the school year and the honeymoon phase is over: 6 Tips for Effectively Communicating Concerns to your Child’s Teacher. Shout out to Amber from Portland Moms Blog for the great post.




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