Honest Psalms for Moms

O Great God

In my time of need I cry out,

and I know you hear me.

Hear me now, as I am weary;

For the infant you have blessed me with

has not slept.

Coffee and my Pandora dance workout station

fail to encourage me.

My eyes are red and my nerves are shot.

Foolishly I despair! Foolishly I believe the lies of the evil one:

That you have mistaken, and you do not truly know me.

Save me from these lies, O God

For I know that you are my refuge and my strength

My child cries in the night

and I will cry out to you

My child seeks comfort and nourishment

and I will seek you and your nourishing words

My child yearns to be held

and I will allow myself to be held by you

Sustain me, O God, for my faith lies in you

And fill my cup with strong coffee.

This is a psalm that I wrote myself, because it was in those times in the night that I thought it’d lose it and go crazy. It was those nights that I was at the end of whatever it is that makes me rational and normal-functioning. Praying and resting myself in God’s hands really did help. If you’d like a psalm out of the Bible to go to, I love Psalm 36, particularly verses 5-10.


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