Some things I found on the side of the internet

Japanese food = comfort food. At least for me. Here’s the newest video from Cooking with Dog: Curry Udon Noodles. I’m going to try to make this sometime! (And no, despite the unfortunate channel name, they are not using dog meat. They are using a dog, Chef Francis, as an assistant supervisor.)

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Interesting Things Around the Web

Since I’m on vacation and won’t be making the usual Weekly Menu, here’s a few fascinating things I’ve found around the internet lately:

New Year’s Resolutions planning is in full swing, and one of the biggest is losing weight or getting healthy. In honor of healthy eating, here’s a Youtube video from SciShow that explains the low down on dietary fats.

Now take your knowledge and go find a restaurant in which to procure some healthy food. Did you know that Portland was named one of America’s best food cities by the Washington Post? I believe it. Link includes a map of exemplary Portland restaurants. (But don’t forget PDX’s burgeoning food cart scene!)

snowshoe mount hood

Now head into the mountains and work off the locally-sourced vegan paleo foodstuff you just ate. May I suggest snowshoeing on Mount Hood? Over at the Outdoor Project they have 21 different routes to take. Don’t forget: grab a winter recreation map, and know how to use a compass.

On a more serious note, Mary T. McCarthy wrote a moving piece on Salon about her struggle with bipolar disorder entitled, “I didn’t feel fit to be a mother:” I was holding it together, pushing through, getting by, and then one night, I wasn’t, highlighting one game-changing moment in particular.

No one felt sorry for Andrea Yates, the woman in Texas who, suffering from postpartum psychosis, drowned her five children in the bathtub in 2001. But there was one moment in my life when I did, when I felt an unexpected flicker of empathy for her and for all the other mothers who struggle with mental illness or who have lost control.


Awesome & Interesting Interwebs

Here’s a few cool things I’ve found around the internet this week:

Ask A Mortician: Caitlyn, our morbid yet compassionate mortician, answers all those questions you always wondered but couldn’t ask. A campaigner for the “good death,” she makes vids that are as entertaining as they are informative. Say goodbye to the next hour of your life!

thiswildidea: Photographer Theron Humphrey takes his dog Maddie on backcountry adventures. Can’t lie, I am just a little jealous of this dog. His pictures are so good, it was hard to pick one to highlight. Check out his website here.

Kristi Does PDX
Kristi Does PDX

KristiDoesPDX: Check out this great guide to the wild, weird, and wacky of Portland, Oregon. The reviews of interesting destinations and restaurants are great, and the pictures are beautiful. I’ve lived in the area for almost ten years, and I’ve found some things I didn’t know existed!

Snowy Escape: A little ambiance for your browser. A view of the inside of a snowy cabin, with the sound of a crackling fire. Cast this to your TV after the kids are in bed and pretend you are somewhere else!