A Printable for Quarreling Kids (Like Mine)

Do you have kids who argue and bicker? (I guess I could really ask, Do you have two or more kids?) Here’s a handy printable you can put on your refrigerator, frame on the wall, or in a moment of desperation, tape to the bathroom mirror. Your choice!

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Love Your Neighbor As Yourself

I was at my church’s women’s retreat a few years ago, taking some alone time to read through the book of Galatians, when this verse popped out at me. It’s a pretty simple guideline about how a Christian should conduct themselves. Honestly, I think the Golden Rule is a pretty simple guideline about how anyone should conduct themselves, but especially us Christians, who are ambassadors of God’s love.

It’s my favorite verse. I hope you like it, too!

Galatians 5:14 Love

The Greatest Christmas Gift

I hope you don’t lose sight of what all this crazy Christmas hullabaloo is all about.

Take a minute, right now, to think about how great of a gift God gave us on that night in Bethlehem.

greatest christmas gift eternal life jesus
Romans 6:23

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If you’re not sure if you’ve received this gift, please read a little here. I hope it clears things up for you.

Merry Christmas!